Detoxification concerns itself with enabling the body to efficiently rid itself of toxins. Toxins can be generally defined as anything that exists in the body in higher concentrations than normal. And certainly there are some things that do not belong in the body at all. Being unnatural, synthetic chemicals do not belong in the body at any concentration. However we are exposed to these man-made chemicals on a daily basis and we even electively expose ourselves to these foreign substances.
They are in the air, the ground, the food, the water, our cleaning products , the fibers of our clothes, the interiors of our cars, in our
laundry, in perfumes and other cosmetics…the list goes on. This modern world places high demands on the detoxification mechanisms of our bodies. Like any other mechanism, the body can become overwhelmed by the toxic load. It is the job of the liver to take the toxins and chemically convert them into substances which can then be eliminated from the body. Sometimes the conversion takes two steps. If step one is working properly and step two is not there is a backlog of step one products. Often these step one products are more toxic than the original toxin, so it is very important that both stages of the detoxification process are keeping up with one another. When toxins build up in the body the body starts to complain in different ways. Some may experience headaches, fatigue, dizziness, depression, acne, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, aches and pains. As we discussed in an earlier essay, when the chemical stresses on the body mount, symptoms will become apparent in your unique and personal areas of weakness. So, one way to improve the way you feel is to reduce the chemical load on your body. This can be accomplished partially through avoidance and making wise and informed choices. But vast improvements in how you feel are made really complete by periodically doing a detoxification regimen. Unfortunately when confronted with the “toxic patient”, many medical doctors will treat symptomatically with medication which only adds insult to injury by increasing the toxic load on the body. What is needed is to decrease the burden on the body through detoxification. Detoxification would obviously include reducing exposure as much as possible. Beyond that one would need to increase the amount of pure water available to the body. Water is the universal carrier of all of the junk. Increasing fiber is important as fiber attracts and holds onto the water that is carrying the toxic waste. We would also want to reduce the transit time of fecal material through the colon to avoid toxin reabsorption through the colon walls. Another goal of detoxification is to increase the production and flow of bile from the liver. Within the liver itself, we want to see a reduction in liver congestion and greater blood flow. Certain nutrients are also required for the chemical reactions that the liver needs to carry out to break down and package the toxins for their speedy exit. Increasing physical activity increases circulation and allows the toxins to be better flushed out of the tissues. As your body gets rid of the toxins you may feel a bit worse before you feel better. My experience has shown that many people have two major foundational issues going on that contribute to their health and the way they feel. Number one is blood sugar imbalances, which we covered in an earlier essay. Number two would be toxic buildup. Often when these two things are cleared up, the “complicated case” becomes much clearer and easier to handle. But as with anything worthwhile, it requires some will power and personal responsibility on the part of the patient. I have the easy job. I just make the recommendations. But understand, I myself do these programs periodically. If I can do it, you definitely can! Ask me about the programs that we run here. You’ll be glad you did and your body will thank you with increased energy and vitality.