Death By 1,000 Eggs

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in the United States. For years, dietary cholesterol was implicated in increasing blood cholesterol levels leading to the elevated risk of CVD. To date, extensive research did not show…


Falling Trends

Falls among adults age 65 and older are very costly.  Each year about $50 billion is spent on non-fatal fall injuries and $754 million is spent on fatal falls.  As the number of Americans, age 65 and older, grows we can expect the number of fall injuries and the cost to treat these injuries to soar…

Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid

Some of you may recall this line from the 1986 horror movie The Fly. However, the spirit of this warning seems to pervade society today. We are being conditioned to fear everything and seek safety and security…

Flu Shot
Healthy Bloodwork Ranges

Sailing Happily Into Oblivion

Delay and defer…a very popular way of “handling things” these days. Its popularity stems from the fact that it’s easy to just put things off till another time. Procrastination doesn’t require that we actually…

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